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Date de publication: 11.05.2022
Prim Hosp Care Med Int Gen. 2022;22(5):137-137

Muntwyler Lea

Responsible communication/marketing, SSMIG

Patient-centred clinical research in general internal medicine (GIM) makes an ­important contribution to better medical care for patients in Switzerland. This ­requires talented and motivated young researchers. At the 6th Spring Congress of the Swiss Society of General Internal Medicine (SGAIM/SSMIG) in Lausanne from 1–3 June 2022, the Research Commission of SGAIM is organising a specific training with networking opportunities for young researchers in order to attract them to an academic career and provide them with targeted support.

Research questions, funding problems or the search for mentors: In order to motivate and support aspiring young GIM physicians to pursue an academic career, a workshop entitled “How to jump-start your research career in Internal Medicine” will be held at the up­coming SGAIM/SSMIG Spring Congress. Here, experienced researchers will share tips on the challenges of clinical research and academic career planning. The moderated workshop will be rounded off with a presentation by Professor Mitchell Feldman from San Francisco on the topic of “Mentoring”. Finally, an Apéro will close this session with the possibility to network with fellow young researchers and potential mentors. Don’t miss it!

Workshop “How to jump-start your research career in Internal Medicine: How to start, to succeed and to take off” at the 6th Spring Congress in Lausanne*:

Thursday, June 2nd, 202215:00–15:40How to start: Find a good research questionReto Auer (Bern, CH), Carole Clair (Lausanne, CH)
Moderation: Hervé Spechbach (Genève, CH)
15:40–16:20How to succeed: Get your GIM research realAndreas Plate (Zurich, CH), Oliver Senn (Zurich, CH
Moderation: Carole Clair (Lausanne, CH)
16:20–17:00How to take off: Career development and ­obtaining grantsIdris Guessous (Genève, CH), Philipp Schütz (Aarau, CH)
Moderation: Manuel Raphael Blum (Bern, CH)
17:00–17:45Mentoring for GIM clinician researchersMitchell Feldman (San Francisco, US)
Moderation: Manuel Raphael Blum (Bern, CH), Carole Clair (Lausanne, CH), Hervé Spechbach (Genève, CH)

* The program is preliminary and changes are possible.

Research Commission of SSMIG/SSGIM

The Swiss Society of General Internal Medicine (SGAIM/SSMIG) promotes patient-centred clinical research and innovative ­models of care. The Research Commission under President Prof. Nicolas Rodondi pursues the following goals:

  • Promote and enhance the careers of young researchers by providing information on career paths in research to the target group.
  • Improve the training and support of young academic re­searchers in GIM in Switzerland.
  • Introduction of a network for young academic researchers in GIM at national level.
  • Promote and enhance the careers of young researchers by providing incentives and encouragement.
  • Promote and enhance the careers of young researchers by providing support prior to the submission of grant applications.
  • Motivate more young physicians to pursue academic careers.
  • Strengthening academic GIM in Switzerland.

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